A ‘Quality Score’ is the term given by Google to its metric of measuring the quality of Google ads.

Every advert is assigned a quality score between 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.

The higher the quality score given to your advert the better it will perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do adverts with a higher quality score perform better?

Adverts with a higher quality score tend to perform better as Google sees that advert as the most relevant to their users.

Google wants to show relevant content to its users. If a user clicks on a Google advert they get paid, if a user clicks on an advert and finds it's not relevant then the next time they are less likely to click on a paid advert again. Google wants its users to return time and time again.

Adverts with a higher quality score will get preferential treatment (shown more) which in turn means that they will always perform better.

How is a Quality Score calculated?

Google will work the quality score of an advert by comparing the advert to other adverts for the same keyword. Looking at the response/metrics of the advert and assigning a number between 1 and 10.

They will look at the likelihood of your advert being clicked on, how relevant your advert is to the keyword or target ad group, and how useful your landing page is once the visitor has clicked through.

What should I do with my quality score?

Once you have your quality score, work on improving it.

You can compare with other adverts you run, and perhaps run some A/B testing on your adverts to drill down on what works and doesn’t work.

What is the benefit to me of having a high-quality score?

The first benefit of having a higher quality score is the preference placed on your adverts by Google. Showing more and showing higher will equal more people clicking on your advert.

The second benefit of having a higher quality score is that you pay less per click.

“Higher ad quality generally leads to better performance, including better ad positions and lower cost.”
(Source: Google)

If that isn’t motivation for improving your quality score then we don’t know what is.

Why am I not seeing a Quality Score for my advert?

Google will use the performance of adverts focused on that keyword in the last 90 days – if there isn’t enough data gathered then no score will be displayed.

Published: 7th Feb 2024

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