Branding guidelines are sometimes known as Brand Identity Guidelines.

A branding guideline is intended as a document that will identify and map out your brand and related branding. A rulebook of your business’s look to keep everything you do cohesive.

A business would use its branding guidelines to ensure consistency in the way the business is presented throughout its website, online marketing efforts, offline marketing efforts, and any other form of business branding such as office uniforms.

Things that are usually shown in a branding guideline include…

  • Colour scheme
  • Font choices/typography
  • Logo (and any variations of that logo)
  • Brand message
  • Brand tone
  • Business Stationery
  • Any conflicts with background colours or when restricted in size

A branding guideline is a great thing to showcase any incoming staff, agencies, or developers to ensure that everyone understands how the business should be portrayed for unity.

Branding guidelines can help prevent the look of your business from becoming messy and unprofessional.

Who Creates the Branding Guideline?

The branding guideline is usually created by whomever creates your business logo and related branding. This is usually the starting point to delve deeper to get a better understanding of how your business logo and related branding are going to be used.

Some businesses create their branding guidelines further down the road when they start to see the need for it.


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Published: 5th Feb 2024

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