‘Ad copy’ is the content within an advert that encourages the viewer to take the recommended course of action.

Ad copy is an important part of marketing and a real skill to develop and utilise.

Good ad copy will equal a high conversion rate, which in turn means more sales and more profits for your business. It is a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ad Copywriting the same as Copywriting?

Copywriting is a term given to the task of writing content like this blog post, this differs from ad copywriting.

Ad copywriting is focused on selling and getting the user to take action, copywriting can be for other purposes such as to be informational and/or educational.

What usually features in ad copy?

Ad copywriting usually features…

  • Cost saving information – encouragement given to take action in order to save money
  • Highlights scarcity – encouragement to act fast to not miss out
  • Uses testimonials – showcases testimonials from existing customers to portray value and trust

What are the two types of Ad copy?

There are two types of ad copy – short form and long form.

Short Form Ad Copy

Short form ad copy is used for pay per click adverts (PPC) – they include…


These normally have a headline, a short body, and then a call to action (CTA).

Due to the limited space available in these types of adverts, it is key to grab attention and convert the viewer in as concise a manner as possible.

Short-form ad copy is often the most difficult to write.

Long Form Ad Copy

As you can probably guess, long-form ad copy doesn’t have the same space restrictions that come with short-form ad copy.

The extra space offers more opportunities to craft something that appeals to your target audience.

Features such as stories, testimonials, and multiple calls to action (CTA) can be used.

You will see long-form ad copy in email campaigns, social posts, and print marketing as well.


Our Top Tips for Good Ad Copywriting

  • Know your audience
  • Highlight the benefits
  • Use data to improve your ad copy
  • Have a strong call to action
  • See what works for your competitors – study and learn
  • Keep it simple


If you are looking for ad copywriting then get in touch with the team here at Digital Nachos.

Published: 7th Feb 2024

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