CRM development

Data is key for many businesses and organisations, careful use of this data can help ensure that you stay organised and can run effective and targeted marketing strategies.

It is the management of this data that see many businesses struggle. Over reliance on paper, memory and complex systems can mean that you make more work for you and your staff. Resulting in yourself/them not having the time to give your customers the attention that they deserve, or simply stopping them from being able to achieve 100% during their work day.

Ineffective spreadsheets and word documents spread over many folders and many computers can make it harder to keep track of your stock, product lists, customer details and other important records. Leaving you time poor and stretched to your limits.

Proper managament of this data is even more important with the current changes in the European data protection act. Collecting and storing customer data now requires a clear audit trail of consent given for their data being kept and used for marketing purposes. The right to be forgotten is now a standard practice and your data storage system needs to allow for this, it is more than simply removing someone from a mailing list or having a tick box on your sign up form.

Web based solutions created with your business in mind can help reduce the stress, time and energy required to keep your business running. Digital Nachos can bring all of the elements of your business into a CRM or custom business system to help you better manage your business and your activities. Helping to keep it in line with the various acts and regulations brought in by the UK government.

Examples of systems built by the team here at Digital Nachos include:

  • Pupil enrolment systems
  • Internal project management tools
  • Data collection (via website, apps and in-store forms)
  • Processing and integration with various external sources

We can build bespoke CRMs and business systems, but equally adjust standard platforms to better suit your business and your industry.

Give your business a clear and effective boost with a CRM or business system that is ideal for you.

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