Website maintenance

Websites cannot be created and then left. Like most things in life, websites require a little care and regular maintenance to keep them in tip top condition.

This is where Digital Nachos can help, we offer website maintenance packages. These can either be a one off or regular ongoing work, whatever best suits your business and its offerings.

We are perfectly positioned to help maintain your website, whether it is a simple wordpress website, or a huge ecommerce store with many thousands of products.

Digital Nachos can help you with:

  • General website maintenance - i.e. fixing unseen code errors, updating plug-ins
  • SEO maintenance - i.e. improving site load speed, fixing broken links and redirects, updating sitemaps.
  • Security maintenance - i.e. updating SSL certificates, payment systems, security patches
  • Content maintenance - i.e. making changes as and when needed to the content on the website
  • Product updates - i.e. updating products and stock lists as and when needed

And much more.

All of our maintenanace packages are custom to your requirements and website - simply get in touch and discuss what you need with us.

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