Black Friday, for those living under a rock, is an annual ecommerce event that originated in America. It sees a ‘day’ of large discounts in stores, and now online with the introduction of Cyber Monday.

Black Friday this year was huge, even bigger than it was last year. In fact, the amount spent on UK online retail sites this Black Friday was up 11.7% from last year, a £1.39-billion-pound increase.

It comes as no surprise that a large portion of these sales were completed on a smartphone, especially by those sneakily buying whilst at work or on their commute.

The main difference in Black Friday this year, which may explain why there was such a large increase in sales when compared with last year, was that it was no longer just a Friday.

So, who were the Winners of Black Friday 2017?

With more sales than last year, the main winner of Black Friday 2017 are the retailers themselves.

This extended event, with many retailers having this one-day event over the course of two weeks in the lead up to the event, definitely helped the stores. Amazon was one particular winner this Black Friday with 10 days of Black Friday offers over a range of departments.

Naturally the big winners of this year’s Black Friday event were all of the people who made the most of the offers and discounts available. Getting those special Christmas presents, or treating themselves or their homes to just what was needed.

And who were the Losers of Black Friday 2017?

The losers of Black Friday were ultimately any store or website that did not adequately prepare for the event.

Whether that be through not embracing the ecommerce event. Or by not having an ecommerce store that was able to run sales, deal with a sudden influx of visitors or even successfully take payment.

Some ecommerce stores lost out through not captivating their audience enough. Competitors had more appealing ads, user experience and perhaps an easier checkout experience that was enough to pull customers away.

Luckily for the losers of Black Friday, you have over 300 days to prepare for next year’s event.

By focusing on:

  • Ensuring a good user experience, especially on mobile
  • A functioning, smooth and easy checkout process
  • Good hosting service that is able to adapt to traffic spikes
  • Creating a great marketing strategy and implementing it effectively

Luckily for you, ensuring these elements are on your website helps you throughout the year. Giving you every opportunity to promote your business, your products and/or services, and ultimately generate sales.

Digital Nachos is here for you. We can check your current online offering and advise you on everything from website hosting, improving your website’s design, developing your ecommerce site further, and marketing it throughout.

Get in touch today and discuss your project with us.

Published: 6th Dec 2017

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