A common fault that the team here at Digital Nachos find with many websites and social media channels that we come across is the lack of accuracy.

If you were a shop owner of a bricks and mortar shop on the high street you would not still be advertising your New Year sale in the Summer – promotions, offers and sales would be updated in store for the benefit of your customers and your business.

There is no difference between being a shop owner of a bricks and mortar store and being a webmaster of a website, ecommerce shop or social media channel. Every effort should be made to ensure that your online presence is updated regularly to benefit your customers and your business.

The Key Areas of your Website that must be accurate

Whilst any website in its entirety should be kept up to date, below are three elements that can have the biggest negative impact on any conversions and sales that you aim to gain from your website.

  1. Business Information being incorrect – phone number, email address, business address, opening times
  2. Price of products/services – ensuring that there is no discrepancy between the price listed on the website and that listed in your social postings
  3. Stock availability of products – if a product is not available then don’t allow people to purchase it

It is worthwhile setting yourself a little task every couple of days/weeks to ensure that these key elements are up to date and accurate.

Don’t forget the home page banners – if they are seasonal then update them regularly.

The Key Areas of your Social Media channels that must be accurate

Whilst social media channels tend to be updated daily – either by your company or by your followers – quite often the fundamentals of these channels are forgotten about. It is worth checking the following elements on a regular basis.

  1. Business Information being correct – phone number, email address, business information, opening times
  2. Your social media banners – if they are seasonal then ensure they are relevant
  3. The link through to your website works – we see a number of Instagram accounts with misspelt URLs and FB buttons that have the wrong link

A key element offsite to check regularly is your Google listing via Google my business. Ensuring that your company information is correct, links given are pointing your customers in the right direction, and the images used are actually of your business are all vital.

Accurate Information Equals Happy Customers 

No one likes to be lead astray and no one wants to have to waste their time looking for the information they need.

Make things as easy as possible for your customers and potential customer, keep your information accurate for everyone’s benefit.

Published: 10th Feb 2018

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