Call to Actions, or CTAs as they are commonly referred to, are prompts for your website visitors to take a certain action.

This could be signing for a newsletter, learning more about a service that you provide, or even entering a competition. Anything that converts your visitor into leads, or potential leads, for your business and its operations.

All businesses should aim to make their CTAs as effective as possible, small tweaks to the words or colours used can help improve conversion rates and ultimately improve your businesses sales.

What Should my CTAs Be?

Whilst every business is different there are a series of statements commonly used on CTAs that should really be avoided. These statements are ‘Download’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Order Today’ and ‘Submit’. They are rather boring and just don’t capture attention.

Instead, statements that can be used instead are ‘Learn More’, ‘Get Started’ ‘Register Today’, ‘Get Mine Today’ and even ‘Grab my Copy’. They are friendlier and more conversational which appeals to individuals.

An effective CTA will have the following features.

  • Suggest value to the website visitor.
  • Use contrasting colours to help them stand out on your website, bright and bold CTA design is always better and more captivating.
  • Have a clear message so your website visitor knows exactly what action they are taking.

But most importantly, keep the CTA simple.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your CTAs. Change the colour, text, font, colour, placement, the shape of the CTA button, and the imagery that is used alongside your CTA. This will help you understand what appeals the most to your website visitors.

Ensure that you Track your CTAs

Whether you are playing around with your CTAs to see what works, or just analysing your current state of CTAs, ensure that you are monitoring your website’s stats so that you know what is working and what isn’t.

Metrics that you can look at are the click-through rate, which is the percentage of individuals who have seen your CTA and clicked on it, and the click-to-submission rate. The click-to-submission rate is the percentage of individuals who have completed whichever form is needed to click on the CTA, this could be a contact form, competition entrance form, or even a newsletter sign-up form.

You can find these metrics on Google Analytics as a general overview, but also set up goals to track them more specifically.

Wanting to improve your website’s conversion rates for your CTAs is a natural position to be in. Your website should be working as hard as possible for you and your business.

Take a look through this article and review your website’s current state. Getting a fresh pair of eyes is always a good idea. The team here at Digital Nachos is here to help you improve your online presence for the benefit of your business, just say hi.

Published: 28th Sep 2021

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