Reports have emerged that Instagram is considering changing the current 3 grid system to a 4 grid system.

Whilst many could not care less about this news, it has been met with outrage by many Instagram users who use the three grid system as a way to express their art and creativity. Many individuals, fashion houses and creatives use the format to create larger images when viewed from the grid.

What has Instagram got to say?

Instagram states that this change is a positive one and will improve the experience on Instagram for its users. Whilst the images will appear smaller when viewed in the grid, it will allow users to view more with less scrolling.

Part of the reasoning behind the proposed move is due to the devices now used to view Instagram posts when compared to when Instagram was launched back in 2010.

At that point the most popular phone was the iPhone 4 which had a 3.5 inch screen, now the more popular phones such as the Galaxy S8 with a 5.8 inch display have larger screens. Changing the format to better suit these new devices does makes sense.

But I Prefer the 3 grid system!

Instagram has yet to confirm whether this change will be rolled out to all. However, if you are one of those who have a particular set of images using the three grid system then you could make use of the archive tool to remove images that would ‘destroy’ the order of your images.

Currently many social bloggers are not recommending that you delete the images as there is a chance that Instagram could reverse their decision –it would certainly not be the first time social platforms have done this.

Would this move make Instagram unpopular? It’s unlikely. After all, Instagram currently has around 700 million active monthly users, it would take a lot to make that many people abandon the platform.

The Importance of being adaptable

If your business uses social channels such as Instagram, then you should make sure that your social strategies can be adapted to suit the changing environment of the online world.

Whether Instagram makes this change or not, having the ability to make adjustments where needed will ensure that your business continues to make the most out of Instagram and what it has to offer.

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Published: 25th Sep 2017

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