We discussed in May of last year the fact that Google was amending the way that they allow websites to appear in its search results.

Google had announced at the time that they were soon to start indexing websites mobile-first. You can read more on that blog post here – ‘New Websites to be Indexed by Google Mobile First’.

Since then Google has made a further announcement which states that as of September 2020, all websites will be indexed mobile-first.

If you didn’t check and ensure that your website had a fantastic mobile view last year then this is your final call to ensure that your website works well on mobile and will rank well as a result.

If you wish to double-check whether your website works well on mobiles, then feel free to contact the Digital Nachos team today. We can run a website audit on your site and suggest any improvements that may be necessary.

Don't let a poor mobile view of your website have a negative impact on your online presence.

Published: 28th Apr 2020

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