Google made a whopping 3,200 changes to its search algorithm in the past 12 months alone.

These changes help to keep its results relevant, maintain its position in the search engine market, as well as responding to any legal requirements as and when they come into force.

With 3,200 changes made over a 12-month period, this means that just over 266 changes were made each month on average.  If you break that down per day, that means that on average each day Google makes between 8 to 9 changes!!!

If we compare the number of changes made these past 12 months with a previous 12-month period we can see that the number of changes made has increased dramatically.  For example, in 2010, Google made just 350 to 400 changes. That’s around 1 change per day.

Whilst we expect change when optimising any website for search engines, and not all of these changes are solely related to the ranking algorithm, the number of changes made in the past 12 months showcase just how much the goal has moved as a result of these changes.

The number of changes that have been made in the past 12 months, and the potential for more changes in the next 12 months, showcase just how closely we have to monitor and adapt our online marketing efforts.

If you are looking to appear high in Google search results, or maintain your current search position, then you cannot afford to idle. Constantly working on the search engine optimisation for your website, and ensuring that you adapt your strategies is a must.

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Further information regarding changes that Google has made over the past 12 months can be found here.

Published: 19th Jul 2019

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