Picture the scenario.

You run a business with a few thousand customers. Your customer information is stored in a spreadsheet or MS Access database on a laptop. When a co-worker wants some quick information, e.g. How many customers have we got in Kent? The person who’s laptop it is has to go to the data, find the information and then report back.

Later that day the same co-worker might want email addresses of those Kent based customers to enable them to run an email marketing campaign. The same process occurs Interrupting their colleague again to get this new information. 

Each query on its own may only take a few minutes but that is a few minutes where that person is not able to do their own work which I think you’ll agree is not a great use of time and resources.

There are other issues as well, if the laptop dies what happens to the data?

If you are lucky then you have a backup or two that you can restore from but has anyone tested the backup before its needed? If the person who’s laptop it is goes on annual leave then can colleagues access the information they need? We also aren’t mentioning here that your customers data is openly available to anyone with a copy of the spreadsheet or database file!

The above is a real world scenario! Halloween has passed but its a bit of a horror story.

How to Improve your Scenario?

Security of backups and compliance with the Data Protection Act aside most people can see that this is not an efficient way to run a business. You probably don’t have a business without your customers so to be able to treat their data correctly is vital.

At Digital Nachos we can build bespoke business systems for your business to enable you to do anything from keep customer records, to tracking orders, stock management and beyond.

The team here have built systems to track raw materials through to finished product, customer order fulfilment, project performance management and pupil enrolment systems. Each system was bespoke to the company enabling them to have things exactly how they were required, down to the smallest of details.

Once in place, the systems enabled each company to analyse each part of their process and get an accurate picture of how the company was performing at any one time. Knowing exactly where everything was, which in turn enabled them to give their customers a better, more efficient service.

With regards to the above scenario, a bespoke system would be ideal. Built on a secure cloud based system it would give anyone with the right permissions access the information they needed from the start without having to disturb their colleagues' work.

Giving you, and your business, efficiency and simplicity.

If the above sounds all too familiar, or if you are still running around with bits of paper with scribbled notes on then you could benefit from a bespoke business system from Digital Nachos.

Get in touch with us and we can sit down and discuss your needs.

Published: 6th Nov 2017

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