In a nutshell, ‘Email traffic’ is any traffic that comes to your website from a link in an email.

Naturally, it is only possible to generate this type of traffic if you send out email mailers to your customers, suppliers, or newsletter sign-ups.

Looking at your email traffic can help you score how beneficial your email campaigns are which in turn can help you to make measured improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see my website’s email traffic?

Head to your website’s Google Analytics account and check out the ‘Acquisitions’ section.

You will also get a fair amount of data from the email platform itself as they usually have their own built in analytics.

How do I improve my email traffic metrics?

You can improve your email traffic metrics by...

  • Increasing the number of email campaigns you send out
  • Optimising your email campaigns for higher conversions – perhaps try some A/B testing
  • Ensuring the landing page for your email campaigns is relevant and interesting for the intended individual
  • Check your subscriber list and ensure that everyone on that list is accurate, interested in your brand, and has subscribed to your list voluntarily
  • Segment your mailing list to allow you to target specific audiences for particular products/services

Should I buy a Mailing List?


Please do not buy a mailing list – all individuals on your mailing lists should have signed up for your emails voluntarily.


If you are looking to set up or improve your email campaigns then get in touch with the team here at Digital Nachos. We can review your current offerings and take you and your business forward with positive steps.

Published: 7th Feb 2024

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