‘E-Commerce’ stands for ‘Electronic Commerce’.

An e-commerce website is an online shop.  The most famous ecommerce shop in the world is Amazon.

The way an ecommerce shop works is that a business will showcase its products/services on its online shop, and then an individual selects what they want before making an electronic payment via the online shop. Once purchased, the business running the ecommerce website will dispatch the purchased items to the buyer.

A perfectly simple process, however, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes to make this process so simple for the purchaser.

What happens within an Ecommerce shop?

Within an ecommerce shop, there is….

  • an ecommerce platform itself – whether that is an off-the-shelf platform or a bespoke platform
  • the work of the website designer to create the look and feel of the website and the purchasing process
  • the work of the website developer to make the website designer's work come to life and to make the functions that will be used by the business and its customers
  • the work of copywriters to create everything that you read
  • the work of photographers and videographers to create everything that you see
  • the work of graphic designers to create the more visual art that you see
  • the SSL certificate on the website to keep the website secure
  • the payment gateway that accepts the payment from the purchaser
  • the fulfilment process that ensures that what has been purchased is received by the customer
  • the review management systems that accept reviews and present them to customers and potential customers
  • any email platforms or social media platforms that may be used to promote the ecommerce platform
  • the legal side of ecommerce shops to ensure that both the business and its customers is protected

And much, much, more.

In each of the bullet points mentioned above, there are several options, platforms, and systems which can be utilised. All depending on volume, budgets, and preferences.

An ecommerce shop can be quite an undertaking which is why so many smaller businesses like to use ecommerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy instead of having their own standalone ecommerce shop.

If you are looking for an ecommerce shop, whether that’s on an ecommerce platform or a standalone ecommerce shop, the team here at Digital Nachos can help. Get in touch today to get the ball rolling.

Published: 5th Feb 2024

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