TikTok has developed substantially over the last few years, always aiming to make the platform more accessible and fun for its users. The latest change is that its maximum video length has changed from 3 minutes to a whopping 10 minutes.

If you cannot yet upload 10-minute videos to TikTok then fear not, the change is being rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

This change is being welcomed by users and brands that use the channel, now they have the ability to showcase one longer video instead of having to split their video over several smaller videos. Helping to keep engagement and interaction with their content high.

It is worth noting that whilst it's great that the video length has been increased, make sure you balance out the option of having longer videos with how long individuals will be willing to watch your videos. There is value in short sharp videos, just as there is value in longer mini-movie-like videos.

Published: 8th Mar 2022

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