The latest stats surrounding website speeds shows that nearly 70% of consumers say that a website’s loading time has impacted their willingness to buy from that website.

Industry reports show that most websites are too slow, the average website page is taking a whopping 15 seconds to load!

That is terrible when you consider the fact that half of website visitors will return to their search page and go elsewhere if they are forced to wait longer then 3 seconds for the website page to load.

Slow websites don’t just affect conversions, they also affect your organic and paid search ranking position as well. Google has not hidden their desire to put fast loading websites at the top of their search results, and who can blame them, its what we as busy individuals want when we use their search engine.

So take the time now to sit down with your website developer and ensure that you have done all that can be done to speed up your website. Simple steps like ensuring that your website has compressed images, clean code and a good hosting service can make the world of difference.

Whilst your website can sometimes load slowly due to poor internet connection, you should not use this as an excuse. Instead, ensure that your site is optimised for speedy loading so that your website becomes the website that loads fast even on a poor internet connection. Setting your online presence up for the best results it can get and providing your website visitors with the best customer experience.

If you want to check your website speed and see what can be done to improve it, contact the team here at Digital Nachos today.

Stats taken from 2019 Page Speed Report from Unbounce.

Published: 29th Mar 2019

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