Keeping your website up-to-date is an important task for every business, no matter what the size.

Here is quick go to guide to keep your website on point.

404 Errors

404 errors can occur on a website when a page URL is changed or removed without being redirected. Keeping on top of redirects can help to improve search engine rankings and ease customer frustration.


For the same reason 404 errors occur, sitemaps can also become out-of-date. Making sure sitemaps are regularly updated to reflect the structure of your site can help search engines to find your content easily.

Mobile Usability Issues

With over 50% of users now browsing the web using their mobile phone, keeping your website mobile friendly is key. Check your site regularly for anything that would hinder those browsing on a mobile device.

Speed Checks

Over time, as websites are added to and updated, speed can be affected. Large image sizes, bloated unused code and server updates are key offenders, so using a tool such as GT Metrix or Google Page Speed Tool will help you to improve website speed.

HTML/CSS Validation

Running your website through a HTML and CSS validator will ensure your website runs smoothly and without errors. Although your website may have started out with valid HTML and CSS, errors may later be introduced, making it a good idea to regularly check and fix anything that may crop up.

Security Patches

If your site is running on a content management system such as Wordpress or Magento, the most important part of website maintenance is making sure these are kept up-to-date. Outdated versions can leave your website vulnerable to attack. Having your website hacked can be embarrassing for any business, it could also put customer data at risk which could lead users to lose trust in a company.

Website Content

Along with regular maintenance it is also good to keep the content on your site fresh and up-to-date.  Frequently check that contact details and phone numbers are correct, and add new blog posts to keep users interest.

Google Webmaster Tools

Many of the above-mentioned checks can be monitored using the Google service, Webmaster Tools. It can help to identify a wide range of errors such as 404’s, mobile usability, sitemaps, meta issues and much more. Fixing issues picked up by Webmaster Tools can help to increase your chances of a high-ranking website in search engine results.

Digital Nachos Can Help

Monthly SEO checks can be a daunting task for some business owners, and simply too time consuming for others. This is why Digital Nachos offers monthly website maintenance packages to suit every business, so get in contact today to discuss your options.

Published: 25th Oct 2017

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