With December just days away, we are in the final few weeks of the Christmas countdown.

Those final few weeks are your last opportunity to push for extra sales ahead of Christmas. And to cement your place for a great 2020.

Take some time now to review and adjust your Christmas marketing plan.

Tasks you may need to Undertake

Perhaps you need to get some extra imagery together to help with any social posts.

If you have a product that isn’t selling well, maybe review the product and see whether any adjustments are needed to its name, price, position on the website and even its promotional material.

Maybe you need to create some videos which answer questions your customers may have about your product or service.

If you haven’t finished decorating your website and or social platforms with festive imagery, then now is the time to make those changes.

Think Ahead

Whilst Christmas and sales for Christmas are certainly the focus, its key to think ahead.

This could be thinking of last-minute promotions that you could run to help get those last-minute sales.

It could also be considering any impact that the weather is likely to have on any last post dates for Christmas delivery. Are we going to have a white Christmas?

And thinking beyond Christmas to the New Year. Are you planning on having a post-Christmas sale to sell of any Christmas specific stock? Are you planning on running a marketing strategy for the new year to convert those Christmas customers into returning customers?

Whilst it's very easy to become busy and get distracted at this time of the year. Try and stay focused to ensure that Christmas 2019 and the new year is the best year ever for your business.

Should you need any assistance with your marketing plans this Christmas, or into the New Year then simply contact the team here at Digital Nachos.

Published: 29th Nov 2019

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