No doubt you are as sick of hearing about the upcoming GDPR as we are.

There are several hilarious memes circulating online which shows just how deep the frustration and annoyance with the GDPR is - both by businesses and individuals.

Businesses are busy updating their own internal policies and ensuring those on the mailing lists are aware of how they use their data. Individuals are being swamped by GDPR emails, creating confusion and time consuming opt-ins.

However, lets look at the bright side

We are fast approaching the GDPR deadline, this means that what's done is done. Companies have their updated privacy policies and put in place an internal policy for handling and securing personal data.

The number of opt in emails will now start to tail off and as of the 25th of May 2018 they should cease altogether.

From a business perspective however, GDPR has done your business a favour – honest!

The data that you now hold on your mailing list is fresh, organised and secure.

You have 100% consent from those now on your mailing lists to hold the information that you hold and to use it in the way that you have stated when they signed up. Ongoing, you will be able to maintain this by requesting consent from everyone who signs up as and when they sign up.

Every single person on your mailing list is interested in your business and its products/services now. It is the most captive audience you have ever had!

So make the most of it.

Take the time now to draw up your strategy for how you are going to communicate with those on your mailing list. Think about your business plans and the upcoming seasons.

Map out the content that you wish to include in these emails and put a plan in place to ensure that you have the necessary content, whether they are images, text, blogs or videos.

Look at how you are using other marketing channels such as social media and integrate this with your efforts. Connection here, with your website, with your bricks and mortar store, any brochures you have will make all the difference to your conversion rates.

So, yes, the GDPR efforts have been tiring but put that behind you and enjoy the fruits of having a captivated mailing list.

Published: 16th May 2018

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