Google my Business have been listening to feedback and have now introduced a new way to manage reviews left all in one place, and more importantly to view the status of any that have been reported to Google.

To see this new way of managing Google reviews, head to your Google my Business account. The new tool for requesting reviews to be removed can be found here.

If you are needing to request for a review to be removed, then make sure you select that option from the list provided within the tool above and then select the review in question.

On the review overview page, it does show you the first few lines of the review and the date that the review was posted so if you do have multiple reviews you may want to make a note of the posting date and how the review starts so that you know you are selecting the right one.

A step by step guide with screenshots showing this removal process can be found here:

One of the great things about this new removal method is that it states where you are in the process of removing the review. This is particularly reassuring if there is a nasty or malicious review that needs to be removed from your company profile.

If you find that a review cannot be removed then check out our guide on how to handle online reviews here:

Published: 8th Jun 2021

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