With the temperatures dropping and the need for something warm to keep you going, nachos are the perfect answer.

The team here at Digital Nachos are a strong believer that you can’t go wrong with straight forward nachos. But just how can you adjust them to bring them in with the Halloween fun?

Why not try one of the following.

Trick or Treat

Add a little trick to your nachos this Halloween, a few too many jalapenos, or perhaps a spicier salsa on the top.

Of course, you could treat by giving people the heads up and ensuring that there is milk on hand should it be a little bit too much for your friends and family.

All in the Décor

Consider integrating nachos into your Halloween celebrations.

If you are sitting down to a scary film marathon, then nachos can be the fuel to help you through it. If you're throwing a party then give your guests mini piles of nachos to delve into.

Present your Nachos in a spooky way

A quick Google search will show you a number of ways in which nachos can be presented to make it look Halloweeny.

They include drizzling the sour cream over the top in a web formation. Serving your nachos coming out of a jack-o-lantern's mouth. And even creating mini ghost and ghouls over the top of your nachos using the sour cream, guac and salsa.

However, you are spending Halloween this year, make it tastier with a plate of nachos.

Happy Halloween!!

Published: 25th Oct 2019

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