If you have had your fill of Christmas food, then put a twist on your Nachos with the leftovers. Check out the Digital Nachos way of making Christmas nachos right here.

How to Make Christmas Tasting Nachos

The simplest way to make Christmas nachos for those cold winter days is...

Step 1: Pour a bag of shop brought nacho chips into a large oven proof bowl or brimmed plate.

Step 2: Sprinkle over your leftover turkey, ensuring that you have an even layer.

Step 3: Grate a generous amount of cheese over the nachos and turkey. We have a preference for cheddar, but you could be more adventurous. Why not grate over some leftover Christmas cheeses.

Step 4: Put the whole dish into a hot oven until the cheese has melted.

Step 5: Once the cheese has melted remove the dish from the oven (take care, it will be hot) and allow it to cool slightly whilst you grab the rest of the ingredients from the fridge.

Step 6: Dollop as many spoonfuls as you think you need of fresh guacamole, salsa and sour cream on top of the nachos and melted cheese. If you have leftover cranberry sauce then why not replace the salsa with this.

Step 7: Grab a warm drink and dig straight in to the tasty warm Christmas nachos.

Couldn’t be easier!

However you like to enjoy Nachos, we are right there with you.

Published: 28th Dec 2018

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