The age old question of what to get your loved one is a question that many of us ask every Christmas.

Often spending time racking our brains, browsing the internet and visiting the high street looking for inspiration. All in the hope of finding that perfect gift.

As a business looking to make the most out of the Christmas season, you should be looking at how your business can answer these questions and make it as easy as possible for people to purchase that special gift for a special someone.

But how?

The key thing to do here is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, look at your website from their point of view.

When you view your home page with a fresh pair of eyes can you clearly see:

  • What your website/business is offering
  • Trustworthy signs such as an SSL Certificate, information on delivery and contact details
  • Clear calls to action for your offers, best products and sign ups
  • Easy to use menu and navigational tools

Ensuring that these elements are on your website will help ensure a good user experience for your visitor.

A good user experience will then result in higher sales and ultimately improve customers perception of your business and brand.

You can then take this a step further and introduce elements on your website that have the aim of providing convenience, all to help assist people in finding that perfect gift.

Helping to Find that Perfect Gift

One great element to introduce to help with people finding that perfect gift are gift guides, you can create them as landing and category pages on your website for the various ages and budgets that your products are suited for.

Another element that is gaining in popularity amongst ecommerce stores is a live chat feature. Live chat allows customers to get in touch with you by simply clicking a button, removing the barrier of moving to another channel such as email or social media. You can even prompt conversations by having a live chat window pop up with a short and inviting message after they have spent so much time on site.

Having this ability to reach out helps you to convert your website visitors into sales, much like shop assistants in traditional brick and mortar stores, giving you with the option of providing a personalised gift guide to each of your website visitors.

Speaking of personalisation, a great element to have on your website is the option to personalise the product that you offer for Christmas.

Whether this is by physcially writing a person's name or favourite quote on the product, or simply by offering a gift wrapping service. A useful service to offer is to send products directly to their intended recipiant with a gift note. Little extra touches like this can help prevent a potential customer heading to a competitors website.

All of these elements can be introduced on your website to help improve sales for Christmas.

The Gift of Digital Nachos

Speaking of Christmas, why not give yourself and your ecommerce store a fantastic gift this year. Contact Digital Nachos today and discuss your ecommerce site with us.

We can develop a strategy that is sure to improve your current ecommerce store and see Christmas 2018 as the best one ever.

We can assist with further website development, ecommerce marketing and even social media management, all with the aim of driving customers and sales to your website for Christmas and beyond.

Published: 13th Dec 2017

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