7 weeks until Christmas Day! Just seven weeks! Where has this year gone?

As we head into the final countdown for Christmas, just what can you do to help push sales.

Firstly, check that everything is set up to perfection. If you haven’t already updated your website and social media channels with Christmas branding and imagery then this is your reminder. Get them created and get them up.

Secondly, go through your website as a customer and ensure that

  • all links work
  • that all categories are showing your products in the most logical order – whether that is A-Z, £ to £££, or even showing your top-selling products first.
  • any promotions and offers have been set up and can be accepted at the checkout
  • and give your website a good scan to see if there is content that could be improved or places where images could be better utilised. If so then put those on your to-do list and get them up.

Thirdly, if you haven’t done already, then ensure you have all the necessary information ready for your customers. This includes useful and descriptive product descriptions, FAQs pages, delivery information shown clearly, and the all-important contact details easily found.

Having this information available for your customers will ensure that they can easily navigate your website, find out the information that they need and make an informed decision on their purchase. Plus, it benefits you because if the information is clearly shown and found then you are likely to need to deal with customer enquiry after customer enquiry – saving you a great deal of time in the run-up to Christmas.

And lastly, whilst it's easy to focus on Christmas. Give some thought at this time of year as to what you are going to do post Christmas. Are you going to run a Boxing Day sale this year? If so then do you have all the relevant imagery ready so you can swap banners etc. with ease?

If you need any help with your last-minute sales push in the run-up to Christmas then contact the team here at Digital Nachos today.

Published: 9th Nov 2020

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