With many of us taking a break this summer, now is the perfect time to turn that clear head to wards your website and online marketing.

Take some time this summer to review and plan a refresh of your website.

Things to review and refresh include:


Take some time to tidy up the content on your website.

If you see gaps in your content, then put plans in place to create the content required to complete your website.

For those that have not already considered alternative content, why not look into creating and implementing videos and graphics. Make the most of the blue sky and get out with your camera to create promotional videos of your service and/or goods.

Website Speed

A large focal point at the moment is website speed, particularly on mobiles.

Google has updated its algorithms yet again and highlighted how important website speed is for a good ranking position.

Analyse your website on page speed tools like Google Page Speed Insights to get an accurate idea of how your website loads.

If it is slow, then take action to ensure that your website is improved. This can be done through website optimisation at a code level and via good website hosting services.

If it is fast, then pat yourself on the back.

Social Media

Social Media is a fantastic avenue for many businesses to promote their business. More importantly, social media is a brilliant avenue for many businesses to maintain customer relationships and allow customers to approach them in a more informal setting.

If you already use social media, then take the time to refresh the graphics used on social media. Take a look at the posts you currently post and review how successful they are at creating engagement and increasing your followers.

If you don’t already use social media, then at the very least ensure that you have the social channels set up. If nothing else, it will stop competitors from using them and ensure that you have the ability to use them in the future.

Perhaps this summer is a good time to start using your social media channels in a more productive manner.


Refresh your mind set towards your website and your online marketing.

Come back from your summer break with a clear head and use this clear head to look at your website and your online marketing with a fresh pair of eyes.

Think ahead for the future and plan ahead accordingly.

Digital Nachos is here should you require any assistance in making 2018 your best year yet.

Published: 1st Aug 2018

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