With Halloween fast approaching, winter is on the way. Whilst we are facing the bitterly cold mornings, we do have Christmas to look forward to.

As marketers, now is the time to be focused and dedicated on your Christmas marketing strategies and efforts. Easier said than done.

Just what should you be focusing on to ensure that your business is able to make the most out of the Christmas period.

#1 Be Prepared

The first piece of advice that we have for all businesses looking to prepare for Christmas is to simply be prepared.

Take a look around your website and your social media offerings, imagine you were a potential customer, then make a note of any missing information or old images that could do with replacing.

A focus should be placed on how your site appears when viewed on a mobile, m-commerce is still a huge revenue channel over the Christmas period and cannot be ignored.

Remember the technical side of your website as well. Can your website handle an influx of visitors? Is the checkout process smooth and fuss free? Does the website load fast? Even on mobile?

Then get cracking on improving your website so that you are prepared for an influx of visitors gained from your fantastic Christmas marketing efforts.

#2 Plan

You know exactly how many days until Christmas and you know when the last delivery dates are for your products. Use this information to plan when you are going to push on social media and when certain elements of your marketing strategy should be implemented by.

A chunk of your social postings can be planned in advance to help you focus on your customers and the next stage in your Christmas marketing plan.

Planning any offers and promotions in advance will also help ensure that you can implement them to have the biggest impact. Tweaks can be made based on customer feedback and behaviour, but at the very least you will have a guide to assist you through the busy time.

#3 The Details

Don’t forget the details.

Remember the finishing touches with your website. These include clearly displaying your phone number and email address so that customers can easily see how they can contact you. Christmas may affect your opening hours so make sure that you clearly state any differences from the norm.

Elements such as your return policy and delivery charges should also be clearly shown, this will help convey trust and encourage conversions.

Lastly, a sale does not stop with the purchase action. Follow up on your sales with festive newsletters and information on upcoming offers.

#4 Get Festive

The key to planning for Christmas is to simply get festive.

Introduce Christmas themed banners and pages to help spread a bit of Christmas cheer. Spread this further onto your social media accounts so that you are getting your festive promotions out there.

Following these simple steps will help you in the countdown to Christmas. If you need help getting prepared, planning your Christmas promotions, paying attention to the details, or simply getting festive, then get in touch with Digital Nachos today.

Published: 12th Oct 2017

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