A Hyperlink is where a word, image, or other electronic object found within an electronic document or website is connected to another electronic document or website.

When individuals click on this ‘hyperlink’ they are taken to that second location.

Hyperlinks are an easy way of directing a person to information, images, or content that you/they want to see.

Facts about Hyperlinks

The word ‘Hyperlink’ was first coined in the 80s, when the internet was created.

There are trillions of hyperlinks in existence, including this one, that takes you to our ‘Contact’ page so you can say hello!

Hyperlinks can open in the same ‘tab’ within your browser, but they can also be directed to open in a ‘new tab’ within your browser, or to download a document or file. This difference can help your SEO, so make sure you get it right.

How can I spot a Hyperlink?

On a website, hyperlinks can sometimes be underlined, but you will be able to identify a hyperlink whether it's underlined or not by hovering over the hyperlink with your mouse pointer.

When there is a hyperlink the pointer of your mouse changes from an arrow to a finger – give it a try here – did you see the finger?

When you hover over a hyperlink with the pointer of your mouse you may also see the URL of the link in the bottom of your browser window. This helps you to identify where the hyperlink is going to take you without needing to click on the link.

Please note that you won’t be able to do this on a smart phone as there is no hovering ability on a smart phone – you can only tap with your finger. If you want to see where the link will take you without tapping it then most phones allow you to tap and hold your finger on the link for a preview.

On some sites, you can see easily which hyperlinks you have viewed previously when you as it will  appear in a different colour. Unopened hyperlinks are blue, whereas opened hyperlinks are purple.

On our website we like to keep our hyperlinks the Nachos orange – it helps us to think continuously of Nachos (if you are now hungry – check out our Nachos recipes here).

How can I create a Hyperlink on my website?

You can create hyperlinks on your website within your CMS. Simply…

  • Edit the page where you want the hyperlink to go.
  • Click on the image, graphic, or word where you wish the hyperlink to go.
  • Then click on the hyperlink button. The location of this button can vary depending on the WYSIWYG used by your CMS but it usually looks like a chain.
  • Follow the steps as dictated on your CMS and then click ‘Save’

Make sure you head to your website after you have created the hyperlink to check it works!

The location of Hyperlinks can vary from CMS to CMS – if you are unsure of how to insert Hyperlinks within your CMS, check out your CMS user guide or speak to your web developer.

Additional Hyperlink Information

Hyperlinks can also be made into a QR code – you can set up the QR code with the many QR code builders in existence and then place that QR code on your marketing material or in your brick-and-mortar store/office.

When an individual scans that QR code on their smartphone they will be directed to the end location of that hyperlink – whether that be your website, social media page, PDF, or even a video on YouTube.

It is also possible to create ‘Anchor links’ which allow you to direct an individual to a location on the same page or electronic document that they are currently in. The location of Anchorlinks can vary CMS to CMS – if you are unsure of how to insert Anchorlinks within your CMS, check out your CMS user guide or speak to your web developer.

If you need help setting up hyperlinks within your website then get in touch with the team here at Digital Nachos. We can work with you to review the content of your website, to make it better and more easily navigated by your audience.

Published: 1st Feb 2024

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