In the last few months we have seen a huge increase in the number of ‘virtual assistants’ within the home.

With Christmas on the way it is expected that many more of these virtual assistants will be gifts to loved ones.

Virtual Assistants?!?

For anyone questioning, virtual assistants are voice enabled home devices. You may already be familiar with Siri, but one of the more recent ones are Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot.

Amazon’s devices are placed around your home and they listen out for your commands. You can ask them to tell you what the weather is going to be like, what time a TV program is on, who sung a certain song and even request reminders for shopping list items.

They are considered to be one of the ultimate in convenient devices that will ‘make our lives easier’ (I say that in inverted commas since I know the vast majority of us will be called for installation advice in our parent’s homes).

Searches Today

Back in 2016 Google stated that 20% of all mobile queries were voice searches. This number is only going to rise as these devices become more common place. It is therefore important that we consider how these devices work and function with all of our ongoing marketing strategies.

Long gone are the days where there was a focus on keywords. A keyword on its own is almost irrelevant now. Instead the focus should be on search terms, and more importantly, search queries.

For example, if I was looking for a recipe for festive Nachos then I would be searching using ‘Festive Nacho recipes’ or ‘How to make festive theme nachos?’ instead of simply ‘Nachos’ or ‘Festive Nachos’.

When it comes to voice searches I would definitely be searching for questions. They may be ‘How to make Christmassy Nachos?’, ‘Where can I find Festive Nachos?’, perhaps even ‘An easy Nachos recipe’.

The Impact of Voice Searches

This move from keywords to key phrases and queries therefore changes the focus on the content created and landing pages.

You no longer require a landing page focusing on ‘Festive Nachos’, instead you need to format the landing page to answer the question asked.

Here at Digital Nachos we have been implementing this change of content focus into our client’s websites, educating our clients on the changes that they face online.

If you would like to talk voice searches and how your business can benefit from the searches made via virtual assistants, then get in touch today.

Published: 21st Nov 2017

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