It’s the final countdown with just 18 days until Christmas Day!

For many online businesses there are just 13 days left! That’s with UK 1st class delivery, and doesn’t account for any bad weather delays!

A lot of exclamation marks!!!!

By now, you should be in the midst of your Christmas orders and whilst time is short, just taking five minutes to review could help you make the most out of the final phase.

Quick Review

Is all functionality on your website working as it should?

Can you add products to the basket? Does the right delivery rate get applied? Can customer’s login to any customer area on your website with ease? Do links to special offers from your home page actually link through to the correct product page?

Its very easy to assume that your website is working, but taking the time to test and put through test orders can help pin-point issues before they result in you loosing sales.

Are your social channels maintained?

Do your social channels feature Christmas branding and your special Christmas offers? Are the contact details listed under your profile correct?

More importantly, do you have any outstanding messages from people on your social media channel? Its very easy to see a notification, take a look at the message, and then get distracted by something else. Go through and check that you have responded professionally to all messages received.

Check Feedback!

Take time to look through the feedback gained so far from people. If people love an offer and its soon to expire, if you can extend the offer then do so. If people are returning a product, then think about why they are returning items and act if possible.

This feedback is extremely valuable and could help you tighten your operations for those final sales before Christmas.

Check your Stock!

Do you foresee a popular item running out of stock before Christmas? Can you get more stock in time? Look at your sales so far and your predicted sales so you don’t end up disappointing customers.

Whilst you are looking at your stock, think ahead to those final delivery days – be realistic about your cut off points for delivery guaranteed by Christmas and ensure that these dates are crystal clear on your website.

What’s happening on Christmas Eve?

Think ahead, what is your plan for post Christmas. Are you planning a sale? Do you plan on enticing your Christmas shoppers back? If so, then how? Make plans now so you can enjoy Christmas yourself.

Make Notes

If there are already thoughts swimming in your head for next Christmas. Perhaps there is something you wish you had done.

Then write yourself notes for next Christmas – even setting an alarm on your phone calendar for May 2019 will help ensure you don’t forget and leaves you plenty of time to get it set up for Christmas 2019.

Make time for this review today to help keep your Christmas marketing, activities and plans in tune.

Published: 7th Dec 2018

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