Summer is over (Noooo), the kids are back to school, and normal routines return :(

Is it too soon to mention the ‘C’ word?


Whilst we personally have to say yes, it is never too early to think about Christmas from your business’s perspective.

Make Plans

This is the time to get ahead of Christmas and prepare for what is to come.

Write a list of what you did well last Christmas and what you wished you had done, or felt you needed to do again in a different way. If your Christmas sales last year were a complete disaster, then admit that and look into the reasons why they did not go well.

Now you have your list, think about your capabilities.

  • Do you have the right stock? Or enough of it?
  • Do you have images of products ready for use so you aren’t rushing to get them done when you need them?
  • Do you need extra features on your website?
    A blog section, discount/voucher codes fields or even a testimonials page for example.

But most importantly, do you have the time to get through Christmas and make it a success.

If you need to employ or hire a person/company for a particular task, then this is the time to consider what is needed and get searching for your ideal person or company.

It is always worth finding out now when the last Christmas posting dates are so you can ensure that any online Christmas orders arrive in time. As below (– you are welcome):

  • Last Christmas posting date (1st Class) : Thursday the 20th of December 2018
  • Last Christmas posting date (2nd Class) : Tuesday the 18th December 2018

Quite early this year thanks to Christmas being on a Tuesday this year - More information on the postage dates can be found on the Post Office Website here.

Get the Ball Rolling

Once you have your list created, get ahead of the game and get the ball rolling.

Get the stock, get images taken of products and introduce the extra features needed on your website.

Don’t leave it until the last minute and end up doing it a rush. Use this time productively and to the benefit of your company.

Don’t forget, between now and Christmas is the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Getting ahead now will help you with those key shopping events and not just Christmas itself.

Look Forward to Christmas

Lastly, whilst it’s an easy statement to make, actually look forward to Christmas and what it will bring for your company. That positivity will help see you through all the planning and prepping, helping to make it a Christmas to remember.

Published: 10th Sep 2018

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