Google’s latest new feature on the Google my Business platform is all about helping you manage and respond to reviews.

Currently you can view and manage any reviews left on your Google my Business platform through the Google my Business app or through the website itself. The update allows business owners to reply to reviews left on the desktop version of Google Maps.

Business owners will have to have verified their Google my Business listing for this functionality to be possible but it should make it quicker and easier to manage reviews left and act accordingly to negative reviews.

But Google hasn’t just stopped there. They have given users of Google my Business this additional functionality, AND updated their help document with tips for responding to negative reviews.

You can find the Google my Business help document via Google my Business or via the following link.

The art of responding to positive, negative and everything in between reviews can be learned and implemented into your business with ease.

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If you haven’t done already, don’t forget to check out another recent update that Google made to the Google my Business platform. You can find their update on Service Areas here.

Published: 4th Apr 2019

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