It is tempting when you are designing your website to make it suit all. But just keep it simple and focus on designing your website for your specific audience.

Know your audience and make sure that when they land on the home page of your website that they see a website that is aimed at them, their requirements, and their style.

If you are a teenage clothing company, then keep to fresh bright colours and use graphics that convey the fashionable teenage look.

If you are a law firm specialising in a specific area of law then ensure that the imagery used projects that straight away, and ensure that you use the terms that your customers use instead of technical terms only used by those in the industry.

If you are a curtain provider then use imagery, font, and text that projects the lifestyle of your target audience. The quality and level of aspiration used in your imagery will show your price point and help your customers know whether you produce the curtains that they want.

Trying to target everyone is simply too difficult to achieve, it muddles your message and ends up alienating your target audience.

If you aren’t sure who your target audience is then do some research. Look into your current customer base and link them to specific age ranges, demographics, income levels, and even preferred style. Check out who is interacting with you via your social media accounts, and don’t be afraid of running a survey for website visitors, current customers, those that visit your brick and mortar store, and even those who visit your stand at exhibitions and shows.

Collect the data, analysis the data, and then use this data to help you communicate your brand and message via your website.

For help and assistance in designing your website to suit your business and its target audience then feel free to contact the team today at Digital Nachos.

Published: 15th Jun 2021

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