If you haven’t done so already then make sure you check out your Google my Business reports. They have a wealth of information and can really help you with your online marketing efforts.

There has been a report on Google my Business for some time, but it has now been updated. Don’t let this data sit there, check it out and learn from it.

You can access your report by logging into your Google my Business profile, selecting your business name, and then clicking on the ‘Insights’ tab on the left. Whilst there is lots of information here, the new performance report will appear at the top of the page so select that and scroll down to view the report.

One of the first things you will notice in the new section of the report is the ‘how people discovered you’ section. This is very useful data to have as it shows not just what device people typically use to find you but also what terms they use which brought up your Google my Business profile.

It's important to remember that Google my Business will only show unique* views in this section of their reporting so it may be lower than the figure reported in other Google and non-Google reporting tools.

*What do we mean by ‘unique'? In this case, unique views refers to a single person rather than the number of times that the individual may visit. Google states that a user can be counted a number of times if they swap between devices and platforms to visit your site but multiple visits from the same device/platform are only counted as one.

Add checking these reports to your to-do list on a regular basis as it will help you to keep on top of changes in your audience's preferences and terminology used, allowing you to keep your Google my Business profile up to date and relevant.

Published: 22nd Jun 2021

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