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Animalog is a brand new admin system designed for pet treatment centres such as hydrotherapists.

The aim of this admin system was to make the admin side of these businesses as simple as possible to ensure that those who ran these types of businesses could focus on their clients.

Digital Nachos worked with an established hydrotherapy centre to design and develop a system that would work. The system is entirely web-based which is a huge benefit as there is no need to take up precious storage space or spend funds on high tech computers.

This system was a huge undertaking but went live in June 2020. The system is by no means finished, new features and elements are being added to further enhance the system and provide more assistance to its users.

You can see the Animalog system for yourself with its 30 free trial – simply head to their website to sign up.

The client, Jackie, is extremely pleased with this system and has received a fantastic response from pet treatment centres regarding its use.

If you have a business idea for an online system then get in touch with the team here at Digital Nachos so we can help you bring it to life.