As its National Poetry Day today we thought we would share this fantastic poem about Nachos! 

The food, not Digital Nachos - the day that Digital Nachos has a poem written about us will be a very special day.

This combination makes one hell of a snack.
For cheese, you need cheddar and Monterey jack.
There are other combinations many people know.
Spice it up will a little chopped jalapeno.
To provide some very appetizing scenes,
bring out some chili that has no beans.
For salsa, use mild, medium, or hot.
Are more people coming over?  You will need a lot!
However, you will not have a complete combination.
Toasted tortilla chips provide the basic foundation.
Invite all your friends to dig right in.
You have some tasty nachos.  Let the snacking begin.

This 'Nachos' poem was written by Robert Pettit, more information on his work can be found on

Published: 4th Oct 2018

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