Shepherdswell Primary School

Shepherdswell Primary School


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Shepherdswell Primary School came to us looking for a new and updated website redesign. Their main aim was to make the website an all-in-one resource for staff, parents and pupils alike to keep parents up to date with the latest news and events in the school.

We were able to design and build a new website whilst paying careful consideration to the layout of the content and the sitemap. This organisation was key to making sure a website with a lot of information was easy to navigate without feeling overwhelming to users. Along side the content planning, we made sure to get the site looking modern with the updated branding of the school and a site that works well over all devices.

The resulting website ticked all of the boxes for the staff and parents. The staff are able to update their own sections with all the information they need to give out and parents and prospective parents can find all of the details they need.

If your school website needs a refresh then do get in touch with us.