Content has always been King. However, in recent years the way we absorb information has changed.

This is largely due to most of us using mobiles as our main connection to the internet, the smaller screen sizes and our limited time on said mobiles means that content needs to be bite-size and easy to consume.

Videos allow for content to be conveyed with ease. After all, if one picture is worth a thousand words, then a series of pictures strung together into a video must be worth millions.

Below are some of the reasons why you should use videos on your website.

No. 1: It helps your website rank well in Google searches.

Why, you ask.

Google looks at a number of factors when it ranks your website for search queries, one of these factors is the length of time spent on-site and another factor is how a person has previously engaged with the content on site.

Therefore, videos encourage visitors to your website, to stay on your website and watch the video. Naturally, it needs to be a good video and it needs to have some kind of auto-play or clear signage to encourage that play button to be clicked.

No. 2: it helps you to showcase your brand and convey personality

It's very easy to blend in online, showcasing personality and your company’s personal voice is tricky. When you try via written words you are dependent on people reading every word, but also reading it in the manner that you intended it to be written.

With videos, that challenge is removed. You can showcase your brand and convey personality very easily with the right video.

No. 3: It stands out from the crowd.

Whilst videos and the use of videos have been promoted for a while now, it's still not a common element on websites. Therefore having videos on your website helps you stand out from the crowd.

No. 4: The Use of Mobiles

Accessing websites on smaller mobile screens restricts what your customers see when they navigate it. Long gone are the days where you could be sure that people were seeing your whole website in one hit, now you need to cram it in without making it look like its been crammed in.

This is where videos come in. As said previously, you can convey a lot more in a much shorter time period, delivering your message on a plate to be consumed quickly.

And finally. No. 5: Demonstrations and Testimonials

Videos allow you to showcase your product or service to the extreme. You can show it being used, in a variety of situations, and even feature testimonials from happy customers.

Multiple videos can be produced to focus on certain types of customers and even seasons. Helping to keep your content current and interesting.

Whilst there are a multitude of ways to use videos on your website to benefit your online presence and your business. It's key that your website can handle having videos shown on it – consider the website speed – and that you have captions on your videos. Captions allow all to view your videos, even when they have forgotten their headphones.

If you want to know whether your website can handle videos then contact the team here at Digital Nachos. If you want to produce videos for use on your website, then get in touch, we have worked with a number of video production companies and can point you in the right direction.

Published: 22nd Dec 2019

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