Back in 2018 we were contacted by Bee Craft Magazine and given the task of redesigning and redeveloping their website ahead of their centenary year.

The focus for this work was to improve the usability of the website, as well as to introduce new functionality to help make the website a useful beekeeping resource for its subscribers and others in the beekeeping industry.

We worked closely with them to provide them with a fantastic website design and a huge number of new features to make the website more appealing and interactive for its users. 

Since the website went live at the end of November 2018 their new website has been well received by all.

Whilst the number of visitors to the website has remained steady, the bounce rate has decreased by 96.37% (August 2019 vs. August 2018). Below is a chart showing the instant drop in the bounce rate and how it has maintained this new low since the new website went live.

On top of this, the number of pages that website visitors are viewing has increased by 252.46% for the same time period (August 2019 vs. August 2018). The chart below shows this change since the new website went live.

This shows how beneficial the new website has been. Its new design has helped improve the visual experience, and the extra functions implemented have improved the interaction with the website, resulting in a fantastic website for Bee Craft magazine and its subscribers.

Whilst Bee Craft are extremely happy with the improvements that have been made with the website, they are also pleased to have a functional and flexible website which is allowing them to make plans as they head into the next century.

The team here at Bee Craft Magazine are absolutely thrilled to be awarded the Silver medal for our new website at Apimondia 2019. The judges felt that the Bee Craft website is a fantastic resource for beekeepers around the world; something that we agree with and strive for.
The silver award given to Bee Craft Magazine for its website is testament to all the hard work put into it by Digital Nachos and the team here at Bee Craft Magazine. Thank you.
Carolyne Liston - Bee Craft Director, Subscriber Database

The new Bee Craft website has been recognised by the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Association, otherwise known as Apimondia, and awarded a Silver medal in the Apimondia 2019 Congress in Montreal, Canada.

Digital Nachos is extremely pleased to hear about this win, further information on this win can be found on the Bee Craft website here.

Why not check out Bee Craft for yourself - You can learn more about our work with Bee Craft within our portfolio here.

If you want to improve how your website, and perhaps win an award for your new website, then contact Digital Nachos today.

Published: 16th Sep 2019

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