After lockdown part deux, we now wait for when retail stores can open back up.

Whilst we wait for the full details regarding when stores will be able to open up, its important to do as much prep as possible to ensure that you can hit the ground running.

Following on from an earlier blog post – 'The Importance of Keeping your Customers Informed – Coronavirus’ – the key element in this prep remains keeping your customers informed.

Utilise social media and banners on your website to clearly communicate what is happening within your business.

Things to note will be:

  • Opening Hours
    Whilst we may not have a crystal clear idea on opening hours just yet we can create graphics ready for opening hours to be inserted, that way the turn around will be quicker when we are able to reopen.
  • Any changes to your Operation
    This could be things like customers needing to enter via a particular entrance point, use the hand sanitiser upon entry, maintaining a distance whilst on site, limit on the number of individuals in the store and even stating specific click and collect areas.
  • Changes to Return Policy
    Perhaps there are items that you can no longer accept as a return for hygiene reasons, perhaps you are extending the return policy to cover more of the Christmas season, or perhaps you are including a specific clause for any future lockdown or self-isolation

It is important to also think of an extenuating circumstances game plan for your business, and how you will communicate this to your customers should the need arise. These circumstances include what will happen if:

  • You or your team need to self-isolate – have you split your staff into two specific groups so that if one group needs to self isolate the other group can pick up the slack. If this was to happen would this impact on opening hours?
  • If you needed to close the store for whatever reason how would you manage existing click and collect orders? Ensuring that these individuals get their orders without

Whatever happens, ensure that there is an open channel of communication open with your customers. That will allow you to manage whatever comes our way in this very unpredictable year.

Whilst any updates should be shown on your website and social media channels, don’t forget about your Google My Business account. You can easily show any limits your services, opening hours, and even show yourself as temporarily closed to help show to your customers what is happening.

Keeping an open channel of communication allows your company to let your customers know that you are there for them and you will be back when normality returns.


All comments regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and restrictions on business operating in the UK are correct at the time the blog was posted. Please refer to current restrictions in your area to guide you in your response to Coronavirus.

Published: 23rd Nov 2020

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