When people want to learn more about a brand, their product/service, or even find out information to answer questions they may have, most of the time the first action they take is to Google the company name.

Ensuring that your company and its online presence can be found when searching for the company name is vital. Ensuring that the listings for your company are positive is even more vital.

Other than the company website showing when you search for the company name, there are other platforms which frequently show which you should be aware of. They are:


Whilst LinkedIn may not be a popular platform when compared with Facebook and Instagram, it does have a huge presence on search listings for company names.

This particular platform moves beyond customers being interesting in a product, and enters into searches made by prospective employees, competitors, supplies and investors.

Facebook and other social media channels

Whilst you will find Linkedin search results when you look for the company name, you will also find social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These types of platforms are reassuring for customers and potential customers to see as it shows the channels of communication open to them if they need them.

Google my Business

Company search results within Google will always show the Google my Business listing for the company.

This listing will not just give the company information, it will also show customer-centric information such as opening times, and contact details.

The Google my Business listing for your company will also show any reviews that have been left by your customers on your Google listing. Keeping these reviews positive is key, and handling any negative review correctly is vital – more information this can be found in our blog post ‘Handling Online Reviews’.

Companies House Information

If you are a company with a companies house listing then your companies house information would show on your search results.

Whilst this information should automatically be up to date as part of your company admin, it’s a useful tool for reassurance.

Other Blog Posts

If your company has been featured by bloggers and industry news providers, then their blogs/articles should show up. This is where its key to ensure that your company is seen in a positive light.

Company Listings

There are now a variety of platforms that offer your company a company listing – they include FourSquare and HotFrog.

Whilst some argue whether these listings are needed, if other companies are using them then you should be as well. Overtime these listing sites will either be replaced or have their importance demoted by Google, however, for now, they are here to stay.

Review Sites

Whilst reviews can be left on Google my Business listings and a variety of social media channels. There are also further review specific sites such as TrustPilot that allow reviews to be collected and displayed.

Currently, these listings are largely from your paid-for account so they won’t show for all businesses. If you do however use review sites such as TrustPilot, care should be given to ensure that they remain positive.

Why does this matter?

You may ask why its matters for companies to have all of these elements showing when searches are made for the company name and the answer is simple.

To show your presence and to ensure its presence is positive.

People make snap judgements and decisions. A quick search of the company name, especially when they are spending a large chunk of money, will often make the decision for them.

Keeping these company listings up to date and managed are all part of good PR.

If your company doesn’t have these listings, then you open yourself up for competitors to show here instead. This can be critical if you have a competitor with a similar name or working in similar locations to you.

If you would like assistance with ranking for your brand name then contact the team here at Digital Nachos today.

Published: 18th Jan 2020

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