All websites are indexed by Google, it is this indexing that allows websites to appear in Google search results. More importantly, the outcome of this indexing is what dictates the position your website and its web pages are found within relevant search queries made to Google.

Google indexes and scores every website based on numerous factors, however, the exact score sheet is a closely guarded secret.

However, every now and then they give just a little bit of insight into their ever changing algorithm. Today is that day.

Google has announced that as of the 1st of July 2019, all new websites previously unknown to them will be indexed mobile first.

They go on to further state that any existing websites that have already moved over to mobile first indexing will continue to be indexed using mobile first indexing. Any older sites that have not yet moved to mobile first indexing will continue to be indexed desktop-first until they are ready to be moved to mobile first indexing.

What Does this Announcement Mean for Me?

This announcement means that it is absolutely paramount that any new websites are and have been created with mobile use at the forefront of the design and its usability.

It also shows that any websites that are not mobile friendly need to be soon, all current websites will transition to mobile first indexing (if they haven’t been already! Remember that Google announced back in December 2018 that 50% of its indexing was mobile first).

You usually receive a message within Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) when your website has moved to mobile first indexing, so don’t forget to check there if you wish to know how Google is indexing your website.

Psst! What is Mobile First Indexing?

Mobile first indexing is simply the method in which Google crawls and indexes your website.

Previously Google would look at the desktop version of your website, they would score and position your website in its search results based on the outcome of this index. Now it is going to crawl and rank the mobile view of your website.

Further information on this announcement can be found via their Webmaster Central Blog here -

Published: 29th May 2019

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