The kids are back at school!

The day we never thought would arrive is finally here, the kids are back and we can gain some kind of normality in our daily routines again.

So, firstly, have a cup of tea and breathe.

Then, let’s get cracking.

Getting Organised Again

No doubt that the past year has left us all frazzled, so if you are wanting to get organised again but aren’t sure where to start then let us first clear the space.

Gather everything you are going to need and make piles for what needs doing.

Anything that needs to be returned to school, stick in a bag out of the way. Let’s hope that we don’t need to see this again.

Pile all of the letters you need to deal with into categories – whether they are home, work, financial or related to school/kids.

Grab a notebook and dump everything in your brain into categories on that page – one for home, one for work, one for kids etc.

Get yourself another cup of tea and sit down with your various piles – decide what category needs to be looked at first and then split that down with the various tasks.

If you need to visualise this then grab some post stick notes or try out one of the many online to-do list trackers such as ‘Lists To Do’, ‘Remember the Milk’ or whatever built-in to-do list function you have on your phone.

There are various techniques out there that aim to improve your productivity. An example being ‘Eat the Frog’ which is where you write at the top of your to-do list three things that you have been putting off and you tackle those first. If you find a technique that helps you to stay on track then go crazy.

Your Online Presence

For many the thing that has fallen by the wayside is the online presence of our businesses, whether that be blog posts, social media posts, connecting online and even interacting with others on business pages.

Now is the time to tackle this and get yourself back on track.

Forget about the whole thing, for now, just pop one item on your to-do list – ‘Website Review’ – and make plans to schedule 30 mins for this task.

When you get to this task look over your website with a pair of fresh eyes and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is the website up to date?
    Do you still have Christmas banners up? Do all of your products appear?
  2. Is your contact information correct?
    Check that your contact pages have the right phone number, business address and email address. Perhaps test your contact form so you can ensure that they are coming through to you and that if you have any automated messages to individuals who submit the contact form that the automated message is correct and up to date.
  3. Check when you last uploaded a blog post to your website
  4. Are their links to my social media channels? Do these links work?
  5. Take a look at your first social media account – for this example, I will use Facebook. Is your Facebook account up to date in terms of the profile image, banner image and contact details show?
  6. Do the same thing as we discussed in step 5 for the rest of your social media accounts.

Write down the answers to these questions and from this write yourself a to-do list for the next month based on the answers to these questions. Things on your to-do list may include:

  • Update the home page banners on the website for Easter
  • Update x category with y new product
  • Update any Covid related statements on your website – such as when the shop will be reopening, whether your click and collect service is continuing etc.
  • Write two blog posts this month to use on-site
  • Update Facebook and Instagram banner image to new Easter-related banner
  • Post 1 social post to each social media platform each week of March

That will start your work online back up and then ongoing when you have got on top of your to-do list you can work on your longer-term aims for your online presence without feeling like you are starting from scratch again.

If you need any assistance with your online presence, then the team here at Digital Nachos is here to help. Simply get in touch and we can help in as many areas as you want us to do for as little or as long as you need.

Published: 8th Mar 2021

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